Selenaria parapunctata Cook & Chimonides, 1985

Selenaria parapunctata is found from the Tertiary and Recent of southern Australia.

Colony Detail of peripheral zooids, showing autozooids, avicularia, a female with ovicell (right centre), and male zooid (top).

Original description: Selenaria parapunctata Cook & Chimonides, 1985
Locality: Bass Strait, Australia
Holotype: NHM 1984.12.24.94A
Reference: Cook, P.L. & Chimonides, P. J. 1985. Recent & fossil Lunulitidae (Bryozoa: Cheilostomata) 3. 'Opesiulate' and other species of Selenaria sensu lato. Journal of natural history 19: 285-322.


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