Selenaria concinna Tenison Woods, 1880

Selenaria concinna is found in the Tertiary (Miocene and Pliocene) of southern Australia. It is also recorded from the Recent off southern Australia (The illustration is of a specimen from Bass Strait). The illustration shows male zooids (top), a female with small ovicell (above and right of centre), non-breeding zooids, and avicularia. The calcified bridge dividing the avicularian opesia is characteristic of this species.

[Selenaria concinna]

Original description: Selenaria concinna Tenison Woods, 1880
Locality: Muddy Creek, Victoria, Australia (Miocene)
Lectotype: SAM T1549D
Reference: Cook, P.L. & Chimonides, P. J. 1987. Recent & fossil Lunulitidae (Bryozoa: Cheilostomata) 7. Selenaria maculata Tenison Woods, and allied species from Australasia. Journal of natural history 21: 933-966


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