Scorioporidae Gordon, 2002

Colony erect, bilamellar or cylindrical, branching. Zooids whorled or in quincunx, spiraminate or bispiraminate. Colony surface densely foraminate, the foramina corresponding to peristomes, frequently obvious, as well as spiraminal pores and the expression of areolar-septular pore canals, some of the latter being loci for small or large avicularia with crossbars. Primary frontal shield comprising a costal field of relatively few, large costae; spiraminal tube(s) opening at distal end of costal field or at base of peristome. Ovicells, where seen, opening into base of peristome. (Gordon, 2002)

This family includes the genera:

  1. Bathystomella
  2. Beisselinopsis
  3. Columnotheca
  4. Diplobeisselina
  5. Rotiporina
  6. Scoriopora
Bathystomella cordiformis
Bathystomella cordiformis
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA).

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