Sclerodomus Levinsen, 1909

Type species: Bifaxaria denticulata Busk, 1884

Synonyms Author Type Species
Bisclerodomus d'Hondt & Schopf, 1985 Bifaxaria denticulata Busk, 1884

This genus includes the species:

Sclerodomus denticulatus (Busk, 1884) Recent Southwest Atlantic
Sclerodomus gracilis Gordon, 1988 Recent New Zealand
Sclerodomus myriozoides (Busk, 1884) Recent S. Indian O.
Sclerodomus rusticus (d'Orbigny, 1842) Recent Falkland I.
[Sclerodomus denticulatus]
Sclerodomus denticulatus
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)

Harmer notebook - entry for Sclerodomus

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