Petraliellidae Harmer, 1957

This family includes the genera

  1. Hippopetraliella see Petraliella
  2. Mobunula
  3. Mucropetraliella
  4. Petraliella
  5. Poripetraliella see Mucropetraliella
  6. Riscodopa
  7. Serripetraliella see Petraliella
  8. Sinupetraliella
  9. Utinga
Mobunula bicuspis [Mucropetraliella ellerii] [Mucropetraliella loculifera] [Mucropetraliella thenardii]
Mobunula bicuspis Mucropetraliella ellerii
(Colour photo also available)
Mucropetraliella loculifera Mucropetraliella thenardii
[Mucropetraliella vultur] [Petraliella concinna] [Petraliella magna] [Riscodopa biincisa]
Mucropetraliella vultur Petraliella concinna Petraliella magna Riscodopa biincisa
[Sinupetraliella litoralis]
Sinupetraliella litoralis

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Reference: Tilbrook, Kevin J. & Cook, Patricia L., 2004. Petraliellidae Harmer, 1957 (Bryozoa: Cheilostomata) from Queensland, Australia.
Systematics and Biodiversity 2: 319-339.

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