Exechonellidae Harmer, 1957

Synonyms Author
Stephanoporinae Gordon, 1993

This family includes the genera

  1. Anarthropora (may be better in the Family Adeonidae)
  2. Anexechona
  3. Coleopora (Now assigned to Teuchoporidae - although the genus is a subjective synonym of Exechonella)
  4. Enantiosula (considered to be a synonym of Triporula.)
  5. Exechonella
  6. Oviexechonella: Now placed in Actisecidae.
  7. Stephanopora
  8. Triporula (may be better in the Family Adeonidae)
  9. Xynexecha

[Anarthropora voigti] [Exechonella ampullacea] [Exechonella elegantissima] [Exechonella grandis]
Anarthropora voigti Exechonella ampullacea. Exechonella elegantissima. Exechonella grandis
(Thanks to Dennis Gordon and NIWA.
[Exechonella magna] [Exechonella marginata] [Exechonella papillata] [Exechonella tuberculata]
Exechonella magna Exechonella marginata Exechonella papillata Exechonella tuberculata
[Triporula biarmata] [Triporula manica] [Xynexecha pulchra]
Triporula biarmata Triporula manica
(Thanks to Dennis Gordon and NIWA.
Xynexecha pulchra
(Thanks to Dennis Gordon and NIWA.

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