Euthyroididae Levinsen, 1909

Colony erect, branching, attached by rhizoids. Branches flexible, weakly calcified, unilaminar; calcification gymnocystal, imperforate. Long narrow kenozooids on margins of branches. A small costal field proximal to orifice, in some forms vestigial, visible only as a sutural line in the calcification. Orifice rounded to semicircular with concave proximal margin. No spines or avicularia. Ovicells often in groups, hyperstomial, prominent, with a pair of windows in the ectooecium.

This family includes the genus Euthyroides.

Euthyroides episcopalis  .

Euthyroides jellyae .

Euthyroides episcopalis
Euthyroides episcopalis
(Underwater photo by Karen Gowlett-Holmes)
Euthyroides jellyae
(SEM by Dennis Gordon)

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