Eminooeciidae Hayward & Thorpe, 1988

Diagnosis: Colony moderately to well calcified, arising from a small encrusting base, erect, with narrow, sometimes anastomosing branches. Zooids in whorls, or in frontal, zooidal and abfrontal, non-zooidal series. Frontal shields lepralioid, elongated, with a few prominent marginal areolae only. Primary orifice often sinuate, with a suboral avicularium, other avicularia frontal. Ovicell large and globular, with two distinct and separated calcified layers, or with marginal septular pores.(after Hayward & Thorpe, 1988, Gordon & d'Hondt, 1997, and Bock & Cook, 2001 - the family is impossible to maintain for the genera included).

The family includes the genera:

  1. Eminooecia
  2. Isoschizoporella
  3. Macrocamera
[Isoschizoporella secunda] [Macrocamera bragai] [Macrocamera erecta] [Macrocamera inarmata]
Isoschizoporella secunda Macrocamera bragai Macrocamera erecta
(thanks to Dennis Gordon, NIWA)
Macrocamera inarmata
[Macrocamera moderna] [Macrocamera parvisinuata] [Macrocamera robusta] [Macrocamera watersi]
Macrocamera moderna Macrocamera parvisinuata Macrocamera robusta Macrocamera watersi

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