Scrupocellaria van Beneden, 1845

Type species: Sertularia scruposa Linnaeus, 1758

This first group are species which belong to Scrupocellaria sensu stricto:

Scrupocellaria aegeensis Harmelin, 1969 Recent Mediterranean WoRMS 111237.
Scrupocellaria delilii (Audouin, 1826) Recent Mediterranean, widespread? WoRMS 111240.
Scrupocellaria harmeri Osburn, 1947 Recent W Atlantic WoRMS 422283.
Scrupocellaria incurvata Waters, 1897 Recent Mediterranean WoRMS 111242.
Scrupocellaria inermis Norman, 1867 Recent NE Atlantic WoRMS 111243.
Scrupocellaria intermedia Norman, 1893 Recent Arctic WoRMS 111244.
Scrupocellaria jullieni Hayward, 1978 Recent NE Atlantic WoRMS 183415.
Scrupocellaria minuta (Kirkpatrick, 1888) Recent Mauritius WoRMS 469435.
Scrupocellaria puelcha (d'Orbigny, 1841) Recent Argentina WoRMS 760407.
Scrupocellaria scrupea Busk, 1851 Recent N Atlantic, N Pacific, Arctic WoRMS 111249.
Scrupocellaria scruposa (Linnaeus, 1758) Recent E Atlantic, Mediterranean WoRMS 111250.

The second group are species inquirenda, are are not known adequately to be assigned to a genus:

Scrupocellaria appendiculata Reuss, 1869 Paleogene Oligocene Rupelian France  
Scrupocellaria bifurcata
Liu, 2001 Recent China WoRMS 469460.
Scrupocellaria brendolensis Waters, 1891 Paleogene Eocene Priabonian Italy  
Scrupocellaria cervicornis spinosa Calvet, 1931 Recent Atlantic WoRMS 472673.
Scrupocellaria crenulata MacGillivray, 1895 Neogene Miocene Langhian SE Australia  
Scrupocellaria? dubia Canu & Bassler, 1920 Paleogene Eocene Priabonian USA South Carolina  
Scrupocellaria elliptica (Reuss, 1848) Paleogene-Neogene Europe, N. Africa  
Scrupocellaria elongata congesta Norman, 1903 Recent NE Atlantic, Alaska WoRMS 469439.
Scrupocellaria gracilis Reuss, 1869 Paleogene Eocene Priabonian Italy Austria  
Scrupocellaria montecchiensis Waters, 1891 Paleogene Eocene Priabonian Italy  
Scrupocellaria muricata (Lamouroux, 1816) Recent Northwest Pacific - Japan WoRMS 221535.
Scrupocellaria prolifera (d'Orbigny, 1853) Paleogene Eocene, Lutetian France  
Scrupocellaria rostrata Malecki, 1980 Neogene Miocene Poland  
Scrupocellaria? vaughani Canu & Bassler, 1920 Paleogene Oligocene Rupelian USA Alabama  


Scrupocellaria page at NMITA

Scrupocellaria regularis - at the Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce, Florida.

Scrupocellaria diegensis - from San Francisco, at the California Academy of Sciences.

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