Paralicornia Vieira, Spencer Jones, Winston, Migotto, & Marques, 2014

Type species: Scrupocellaria sinuosa Canu & Bassler, 1927

This genus includes the species:

Paralicornia hamata (Tilbrook & Vieira, 2012) Recent South Pacific - Australia GBR WoRMS 760225.
Paralicornia limatula (Hayward, 1988) Recent Mauritius WoRMS 760302.
Paralicornia obtecta (Haswell, 1880) Recent Australia WoRMS 760303.
Paralicornia pusilla (Smitt, 1872) Recent Gulf of Mexico WoRMS 760304.
Paralicornia sinuosa (Canu & Bassler, 1927) Recent Pacific Hawai'i, Australia WoRMS 760224.
Paralicornia? spatulata
(Species inquirenda)
(d'Orbigny, 1851) Recent Mediterranean?  
Paralicornia spatulatoidea (Liu, 1980) Recent China WoRMS 760305.
Paralicornia unguiculata (Osburn, 1950) Recent E Pacific Galapagos WoRMS 760306.

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