Onchoporella Busk, 1884

Type species: Carbasea bombycina Busk 1852, not Flustra bombycina Ellis & Solander, 1787. This species was renamed Onchoporella buskii by Harmer, 1923. This renaming of a type species based upon a misidentification is not strictly correct according to the Code of Zoological Nomenclature. Flustra bombycina Ellis & Solander, 1787 remains unrecognisable, and no confusion exists about the identity of the genus. However, it appears that the case should be formalised by referring it to the ICZN.

This genus includes the species:

  1. Onchoporella buskii
  2. (Harmer, 1923) Recent S. Africa WoRMS 472061
  3. Onchoporella selenoides
  4. Ortmann, 1890) Recent Japan WoRMS 472062

Harmer notebook - entry for Onchoporella
Harmer notebook - entry for Semiflustra

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