Quasitrilaminopora Gordon & Taylor, 2015

Type species: Quasitrilaminopora curiosa Gordon & Taylor, 2015

Diagnosis: Colony encrusting, unilamellar. Autozooidal frontal shield comprising an imperforate interior-wall layer overarching an anascan opesia surrounded by a narrow granular-tubercular cryptocyst; anterior edge of frontal shield irregularly lobate, sometimes with 1—2 small foramina between the fused lobes. Oral-spine bases present. An adventitious avicularium borne frontally at the proximal end of many zooids. Ooecium hyperstomial with smooth outer ectooecium peripherally encroached by secondary calcification. Basal pore-chambers present. (Gordon & Taylor, 2015)

This genus includes the species:

Quasitrilaminopora curiosa Gordon & Taylor, 2015 Paleogene Eocene Ypresian New Zealand Chatham Islands WoRMS 1407408

[Quasitrilaminopora curiosa]
Quasitrilaminopora curiosa
Thanks to D.P. Gordon, NIWA

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