Bryozoan References - 1847

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1846 1848
Allmann, G. J., 1847.
On the Natural History of the Genus Alcyonella.
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 4: 470-478.
Hall, James, 1847.
Paleontology of New York. Volume I. Containing descrip-tions of the organic remains of the Lower Division of the New York System, 339 pp. Albany, 1847.
Johnston, G., 1847.
A history of British Zoophytes Vol. 1. pp.1-499. Van Voorst, London.
Michelotti, G., 1847.
Description des fossiles des terrains miocènes de l'Italie septentrionale. (de Erven Loosjes, Haarlem). 1-408pp.
d'Orbigny, A., 1847.
Voyage dans l'Amérique méridionale. (P.Bertrand; V.Levrault, Paris; Strasbourg). pp. 1-28.
1846 1848

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