Bryozoan References - 1842

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Couch, R. Q., 1842.
Observations on the sponges of Cornwall.
Annual report of the Royal Cornwall polytechnic society 10: 41-62.
Eichwald, E., 1842.
Die Urwelt Russlands ... Part 2 Vol. pp.1-1-184. (in Bassler 1911)
Hassall, A. H., 1842.
Remarks on the genus Lepralia of Dr. Johnston with descriptions of six undescribed species.
Annals and Magazine of Natural History (1) 9: 407-414.
MacGillivray, J, 1842.
Catalogue of the marine zoophytes of the neighbourhood of Aberdeen.
Annals and Magazine of Natural History, ser. 1, 9: 462-469. s
Michelin, H., 1842.
Magasin de zoologie, d'anatomie comparée et de palaeontologie, 2 (4).
d'Orbigny, A., 1842.
Voyage dans l'Amérique méridionale. (P.Bertrand; V.Levrault, Paris; Strasbourg). Plate 2,4, pp.6-13.
(Other parts in 1841 and 1847)
Risso, A. 1842.
In Atti della seconda riunione degli scienziati italiani, tenute in Torina nel septembre del 1840. pp. 239-240, Torina.
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